DadGeek’s Monthly Update – March 2018

Okay so this is a bit late but I promised I’d do an update every month and March was a busy month!


We started off the month knee deep in snow when the Beast from the East hit Norfolk. We wasted no time getting out and about enjoying the weather. Claudia is so little she’s not really seen proper snow before and it was a distant memory for everyone else. Check out our Snowmageddon post for how we got on.


Autism Awareness

March is also the start of World Autism Awareness Week (26th March to 2nd April) so I like to dedicate a few posts to raise awareness and support autistic people and their families. This year I did a post about things that parents of autistic children (and autistic adults too) can try to remedy the sleep problems that are common to those on the spectrum. I also wanted to do a post about the fears that parents of autistic parents share. Ultimately it appeared that the subject was too big for one post and it expanded outwards into a series of 5 posts, one of which is still outstanding. The other four are:

1: Intolerance

2: Failure of Support

3: Change

4: Getting Into Trouble

The next and final entry will be up soon and relates to our fear of what may happen in the future.


March is crazy busy for birthdays in the DadGeek house. Both me, the wife and Claudia have our birthdays this month so things have been crazy busy! Claudia had a great time on hers and filled the house with little ladies screaming about Frozen and Doc McStuffins whilst the grownups hid out of the way and drank tea. There were obviously party rings. No party is complete without party rings. My own birthday (same day) was far more subdued and was spent refereeing the other party and then hiding out of the way reading and playing video games.


We still had time to do a couple of product reviews this month. For Mother’s Day Marshall and Claudia made Tammy a lovely Mothers Day gift with a lovely set of Hama beads. Check out our post for more details.


We were also sent a My Magic Fairy Picnic Basket from the friendly folk at My Fairy Garden. Claudia loved playing with the tiny playset and acting out picnic adventures. My input was not putting the cakestand together properly and proposing that maybe the rabbit lived in the house. Check out our full post here.


Social Media

We had a really healthy month on Twitter in March. It really helped that one of our #AutismAwarenessWeek tweets was retweeted over 500 times! Another similar one was featured in the Metro! Our numbers are gradually climbing and we’re having some great conversations with our community. Hopefully going to breach that 4k before the end of April, maybe May.

Meanwhile our Instagram is getting ever closer to 1K. I love coming up with ideas for that thing. Our geeky posts always seem to do the best!

That’s it for this month! Thanks for all your support and we hope you’ll love all the stuff we have in the pipeline cos there’s LOADS!

Leigh (Chief do-er of things)

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