DadGeek’s Top 10 Favourite Mum Bloggers 2017

Along my dad-blogging journey, it has been my good fortune to be helped along the way by other parent bloggers who have been willing to part with their nuggets of experience. Whether it be helping build my Twitter following, commenting on my articles or just offering friendly advice, I consider this community of parents to be an essential part of ‘the team’. While we are all different we all have at least one thing in common; the unpredictable and complex job of creating and raising functioning human beings.

I’m doing two of these articles; one recognising my favourite mum bloggers and another for my equally appreciated dad bloggers. This one is for the mum bloggers who, having ruled the parenting blogsphere for some time, have kindly welcomed the bloke folk into the mix. The mums on my list are those that have been the most supportive to me, who have engaging and personal blogs that I like to catch up with when I get the chance. They are all, as far as I can tell, lovely people and their experiences are diverse and wide-ranging. Some are autism parents like me, some speak openly about their mental health issues. Some have loads of kids like me, some are cleverly focusing on producing just one.

They may not all have a huge DA or 10k on Instagram but they are all dedicated to producing content that I think is worth reading/viewing. Although this may not be the most prestigious award a blogger can receive, these are all my Top 10 Favourite Mum Bloggers 2017 (in no specific order of preference).

1. Autumn’s MummyAutumns Mummy

Name: Laura

As the title suggest, Laura is mum to a little girl called Autumn. Her blog features some very personal writing alongside informative articles on a range of topics related to her interests. She also reviews products, mostly related to beauty and babies.

I like Autumn’s Mummy because it reminds me of what it was like to go through those first 12 months with our first baby. They’re so locked into my memory, perhaps because the panic of becoming a parent makes you ultra-aware of everything that’s going on. Laura also knows what it’s like to have a sick child and whilst we’ve had our fair share of medical-related upheaval, I can only imagine what Laura’s experience was like to go through.

Laura has also always been really supportive and engaged on Twitter so it feels good to be able to shine a light on her writing so that others can see it for themselves!

Notable Blog Entries:

Autumn and the Ovarian Cyst
A Letter to My Daughter at 9 Months Old

2. Worms Eye ViewWorms Eye View

Name: Pippa


Pippa is the mum blogger behind Worms Eye View.  She’s a childminder, a forest school adventurer and her printables group on Facebook is so well renowned that our own childminder (and the other childminders we know) is already a member. It’s not unusual for Claudia to come home with something arts ‘n’ crafty that I’ve seen previously on Pippa’s blog. Pippa is also a fellow autism parent and we have quite often discussed the nuances of parenting kids on the spectrum. It’s always nice to find parents that ‘get it’ and Pippa is definitely on that list of people for me.

Special recognition must also go to Pippa’s two sons who have previously sent me awesome artwork for my rather sporadic Slime Rancher series. I’ve never had anyone make anything like that before so it made me really happy to see that my videos had inspired someone to put pen to paper. Pippa is a regular friendly presence on Twitter and can usually be found deep in mega-threads at any time that she’s not out communing with nature.

Notable Blog Entries:

FAMILY POST Special needs camping trip, Tourettes and ASD

 3. A Mixed-Up MummyA Mixed Up Mummy

Name: Kelly-Marie


Kelly-Marie, aka Bi-Polar Bunny, has a very personal blog that almost reads like a diary or journal of her experiences. She writes primarily about her own mental health and documents how she deals with the changes and obstacles that puts in front of her as a person but also specifically as a parent. Kelly-Marie’s updates are frequent and usually shorter-form but her long pieces are also well thought out and interesting.

Kelly-Marie’s blog frequently ties mental health issues together with current events. It’s interesting to see how things that seem harmless to the majority can be challenging for others to deal with. It also reminds me that mental health and the need for self-care is constant.

When not writing on her blog, Kelly-Marie posts adorable family pics on Instagram and also has a well deserved following on Twitter.

Notable Blog Entries:

Music and Mental Health
Happily Ever After

4. I’m Bec WebbI'm Bec Webb

Name: Rebecca


Rebecca is one of my favourite bloggers and not just because she’s a frequent commenter on DadGeek (but it doesn’t hurt). Bec is a mum to two twin boys who are front and centre across everything she does. Her blog is roughly an even mix of writing about fun family days out and posts about delicious food, usually cake or biscuits. I still believe on some level that Bec is somehow my gateway to free cake so I associate with her closely for this reason so that I remain within the cake radius.

She’s a really supportive force on social media and although I’ve not known her the longest, in the time we’ve been in the same Twitter gang, she’s always been a great person to step up and engage with new stuff I do. Also, her instagram is literally rammed with pictures of doughnuts so you’ll either gain wisdom or waistline inches.

Notable Blog Entries:

When It Comes To Our Children, What’s More Important – Manners or Compassion?
The Worst Chocolate & Banana Bread & Butter Pudding Recipe In The World

5. My Girls and MeMy Girls and Me

Name: Becca


My favourite thing about Becca’s blog is how it’s not just her writing but also a mixture of collaborations and guest posts from/with other mum bloggers. I’ve specifically enjoyed her ‘Birth and Labour’ series where she hosts other blogger’s accounts of having their baby. It makes me realise that the experience can be wildly different for everyone.

Her own writing is short-form anecdotal notes from her experiences of being a mum to Rosie and Miyah but there’s also a whole bunch of other stuff like product reviews, top tips and lists.

Becca also has a crazy-good Instagram and is one of my top people on Twitter too so don’t be afraid to check out all her stuff!

Notable Blog Entries:

Appy Kids Co Healthy and Delicious Minion Drinks Review
Our house move

6. Whinge Whinge WineWhinge Whinge Wine

Name: Fran


Fran was already one of my favourite bloggers right back when I was a total newbie, but her newer stuff just makes me crease. Who couldn’t love the ‘Top Ten Worst Poos’ or ’17 Reasons the Summer Sucks When You Have Small Kids’? Fran is a really funny blogger. Although I have my moments on Twitter, I’m still trying to be funnier in my writing so Fran always gives me something to aspire to.

I’m always on the lookout for really slick blog sites to see if there’s any tricks I’m missing or WordPress plugins I might fancy. Fran’s blog is one of the slickest I’ve come across and I’m slightly jealous of how nice everything looks on there!

Notable Blog Entries:

The Totally Definitive Guide to 90s Girls Fashion
#cherisheverymoment #eventheshittyones

7. This Bird CanThis Bird Can

Name: Cari


I’m not certain but I think I may have assumed her name based on her Twitter handle. It’s possible she’s called Jeff and the rest is just a figment constructed from social media. Anyway, the person I call Cari is hilarious. Her blog is littered with short bursts of humour but there’s also plenty of longer stuff to keep you busy. She’s the sort of person that the front of a comedy DVD would describe as ‘takes no prisoners’. I’m not sure what her age is but she’s not acting it and that might be central to her overall charm as a kickass mum, blogger and social media commentator.

She was one of the first people to welcome me into the blog-fold and her Twitter alone, despite a criminally modest following, is one I always look out for.

Notable Blog Entries:

Top Ten Bugbears
Grotty Training

8. Our Rach BlogsOur Rach Blogs

Name: Rachel


Rachel is the first proper ‘celebrity’ mum blogger that I followed*. Unlike many of us she has had the glory of having her tweets published in a proper (online) newspaper article. It’s either a testament to her instinctive comic talent or a red flag indicating the falling standards of print media’s online output. I prefer to think it’s the former.

Although her tweets are mainly humorous observations, when it comes to her blogs Rachel isn’t afraid to turn her keen eye to more serious subjects. I recommend spending an evening getting immersed in her back catalogue as there’s a lot worth reading in there.

*This is a lie. I totally followed The Unmumsy Mum and then the Hurrah For Gin woman but they’re not on this list. I’m sure they’ll manage somehow.

Notable Blog Entries:

Peaks and Troughs
A Modern Day Love Story

9. Mummy of 5 MiraclesMummy of 5 Miracles

Name: Cheryl


Cheryl currently harbours FIVE mini-humans in her life and that’s no small undertaking. Despite parenting all those precious monkeys, she still has time to run one of the most prolific blogs I follow. Cheryl is flinging out content at a rate that makes me feel like a once-a-month chump. There’s a lovely variety of stuff on there from nice personal blogs to cool product reviews. The visuals are always really good due to Cheryl’s snap happy fingers making sure everything is accompanied with loads of photos (for more just go see her Instagram).

There’s also plenty of food and health related stuff. I can’t say I currently follow that too closely but I recently broke up with Slimming World so at some point soon I’m going to need some healthy food ideas to get me back on the wagon.

The one thing I always like to see, often separate to other considerations, is someone trying their heart out and the impression I’ve always got from Cheryl is that she’s working her butt off and I really respect that. She’s also one of the more video-heavy bloggers (vloggers) that I follow so if that’s your thing, totally go check out her channel.

Notable Blog Entries:

Why I Don’t Agree With The Whole Gender Neutral Thing
Christmas Traditions – What are yours?

10. WeeOhanaWeeOhana

Name: Louise


Louise is known far and wide in blog circles for having the most impressive t-shirt collection this side of the Atlantic. If there’s a fandom with an awesome t-shirt tie-in, she’s likely to have it. I’ve also noticed recently that she is branching out into long-sleeve tops and even jumpers so there really is no upper limit to how big this collection is going to get.

When not collecting wearables, Louise also runs WeeOhana, a family lifestyle blog that mixes all aspects of family life with a healthy scattering of product reviews too. Louise is also an autism parent like me, so I have a bit of a soft spot for this blog for entirely selfish reasons. I love reading posts with an autism focus as it helps me think of new things when we’re struggling with some aspect of special needs parenting.

Louise also started the Facebook group SEN Parenting Bloggers, so if that applies to you give it a look.

Notable Blog Entries:

Our Summer Trip
Learning to Ride a Bike

So that’s my list! I hope that you all check out these guys’ links because these are the ones that I keep bookmarked at the moment and for good reason. They are, to my mind, the best examples of up and coming mum bloggers and I’m sure that you’ll see them pop up in the future, probably ushered onto breakfast telly to talk about gender-normative footwear. If you’re a mum blogger and you’re not on this list, don’t panic. I read a lot of other blogs and love those too.

If you’re one of my dad-blogger friends, don’t fret, your time is coming. I’ve been helped along by my fair share of dads and they too will have their day in the spotlight.

Disclaimer: There’s affiliate links all over the shop in here. They are harmless enough but one day might help me buy a shiny new hat. 

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA celebrity. Oh love, the only place I’m a celebrity is in my own mind! That is a lovely write up and I’m so touched you chose me to feature in your Top 10!

    PS. Cari is a total babe aint she?

  • 11th September 2017 at 7:58 PM

    Ahh thanks. Loving the write up and thanks for sharing my links. I totally enjoy our chats and love your content over all your media presences! Keep it coming!

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    Aaah man, that’s so nice! What a great list of fab bloggers indeed! I’m chuffed to be included, thank you very much! ????


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