Streaming update! We’re on Twitch now!!!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to do a special post to make a big deal out of the fact we’re now regularly streaming on Twitch. We’ve actually been on Twitch on and off for a while but are really working this year to make a home on the world’s biggest game streaming site. We’re doing a few different things on there but have already begun to migrate a lot of our pre-recorded content, starting with our Steam A – Z series.

Watch Steam A – Z Episode 001: 100% Orange Juice from DadGeekUK on
We’ve also started live streaming my playthrough of EVERY SONIC GAME EVER (sort of). So far we’ve played through Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and the majority of Sonic 3. Next we’re going to be doing Sonic 3D Dash!

Watch History of Sonic Playthrough from DadGeekUK on
We’d really appreciate any new followers so please don’t hesitate to get involved and start following us. Better yet, come say hi whilst we’re streaming! We keep a close eye on chat and always appreciate new voices coming along to keep us company!



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