We Went to Revival: Generation X 2018!

Last year we went to an amazing retro games show in Walsall called Revival. It was packed floor to ceiling with arcade cabinets, home consoles and pinball machines. We must have spent the whole time jumping from screen-to-screen trying out all manner of retro stuff that even us old fogies (I’m 37!) had never seen before. Every inch of space that wasn’t filled with gaming machines to play was taken up with all manner of traders selling games, machines, books and all manner of gaming collectables. It was disneyland for old gaming nerds and it was one of the stand-out events of the year.

Check out our review here and our video below (complete with old ‘sports direct’ style branding).

So, inevitably, when tickets were announced for Revival 2018 I didn’t waste any time getting our tickets booked. This time though we made one major change. Well two major changes. The first is that we booked into a Premier Inn instead of a hotel in Birmingham surrounded by gang activity. The second was that this time I decided to bring along my little gamer-in-training, Marshall. He’s old enough now that I figured he’d really appreciate being one of the guys and coming on a special trip with his dad.

Months later the big day arrived and off we went to Walsall with Marshall fizzing in the back seat. We also took our good friend Russell who, also an avid gamer, has his Twitch channel here.

The main difference this year was that the event had LITERALLY DOUBLED IN SIZE. There was so much stuff to fit in that it had grown to easily fill two large rooms.  It was really amazing to see the stalls and games on offer but there was never a feeling like it was TOO busy. As with last year there was always space to get on something if you wanted to.

There was no less attention to detail this year with individual hobbyists working to keep their stuff in working order for attendees to try out. Marshall was absolutely gobsmacked by the scale and size of everything going on. He did get particularly attached to an Enduro Racer machine we found too. Later on we were able to play all the way through Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles together!

Throughout the event there were a few celebrities of gaming history to meet. Eagle-eyed folks would have spotted Dave ‘Games Animal’ Perry, Iain ‘I’m Taller Than You Think’ Lee and John ‘I Totally Made Doom’ Romero.

Check out our video and gallery below for a taste of what we got up to!

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  • 31st May 2018 at 12:58 PM

    That was a great article, I went to last years event and it was astounding, I sorely miss not being able to go this years event….


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