What Geeky Interests Will You Pass On to Your Children?

DadGeek was started by my own need to express my own interest in the things that I’m passionate about. When I say the word ‘geek’ what I’m really doing is using it as short-hand for people who are really passionate about particular things. But I’m also a parent and as a parent it’s important to me to share those nerdy obsessions with my own children. I can quite frequently be found plonking the kids in front of a Star Wars movie (original trilogy, obviously), playing games with them or engaging them in one fictional universe or another.

It can be tough to realise that some of those things haven’t aged well or have been surpassed by more modern equivalents. I really want to get mine to sit through a few episodes of original Thundercats but it can be a stretch when they’re used to the punchier narrative of shows like Teen Titans Go and Steven Universe. Even shows that have survived the test of time like Transformers now have new variants like Rescue Bots and Transformers Prime.

Now I’m a common-or-garden geek with interests in comic book movies, science-fiction telly and videogames. But what really intrigues me is what other people love and how they’re passing that down to their own offspring. I asked a broad cross-section of fellow parent bloggers what interests they had that they were passing down to their children and this is what they had to say.


Toys & Board Games

boardgame monopoly interests

“Board games like Settlers of Catan. We have cupboards full of them hoping that the little ones will be interested when they are older. My husband has started by playing “dice” with the almost 2 year old. Little one loves rolling them and they come in different shapes (e.g. Decahedron) and colours so he’s learning as well”.

Victoria – The Growing Mum

“Model trains are the thing in our house. My husband really connects with our teenage daughters over this as they love helping build the train set and visiting model railway exhibitions. The three of them also love full size heritage trains and it is rubbing off on me too. We are also drowning in big fancy lego sets that all three of them love. All our window sills are jam packed with the stuff. I’m not so keen on that! But model making in general is a theme.”

Janet – Falcondale Life

“LEGO. We both loved LEGO and had loads before we even got together, and I’m proud to report that all the kids have enjoyed it and 4 of them have really loved it. The 5 big ones are all in their wilderness years now, where pop and music are more important things to spend your money and time on, but the 2 younger boys still request it every birthday and Christmas, and 3 of the big ones will return to it’s charms – they’ve stored their most precious sets in the loft for when they finish uni/get a flat etc”.

Jenny – The Brick Castle


“Our music tastes! Lots of Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age etc. My son wants a guitar for his birthday so that he can be like Dave Grohl”.

Gemma – Mummy’s Waisted

star trek television interests

“BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER!! Yes seriously! I’m more awkward nerdy than cool quirky but I’ve been trying to get my daughter to watch it for ages! She gave in a few weeks ago….and wasn’t overly impressed. Luckily there’s plenty of other 90s tv to try…. Dawson’s creek is next”.

Emily – A Slummy Mummy

“Corrie… yes you read it correctly Corrie as in Coronation Street, terrible hey? I watched it from being a kid and now my 2 year old asks for it… not Bing… not Waffle the dog but Corrie!!!”

Carla-Marie – MyBump2Baby

“I think my husband and I are the definition of nerdy, he’s a gamer who also plays D and D with his friends, I’m also a gamer, I love things like Star Trek and X files, I want my children to know that liking something and having a passion for something isn’t a weird thing and they should be proud of it and find like minded people to share their passion and nerdiness with”.

Sarah – Mummy Cat Notes

“My daughter’s latest obsession is Great British Bake Off. When she gets home from school she requests that rather than the usual cbeebies or pokemon! Yesterday while playing pretend she decided I was Mary, her daddy was Paul and she would bake so we could judge it. We all sit and watch Bake Off together of an evening.”

Maddy Matthews-Williams 

harry potter movie interests

“Harry Potter our eldest really isn’t taken by it sadly. However my daughter is and seems to love it as much as me maybe even more if that’s possible. She is even wanting a Harry Potter theme for her new bedroom”.

Jess – Mrs Hible

“Star Wars! Thankfully both kids are Star Wars mad. Our son is called Cody after Commander Cody. He loves it! We’ve got him a 1m tall Commander Cody model and take a pic of him with it every year to show how much he’s grown. He also has t-shirts with Commander Cody on and thinks it’s so cool as it has his name”.

Katie – Mum of 2.5

“Star Wars! My husband has been obsessive about it since the launch of the first one. He still has all his original toys which he has passed to the children. All seven of them are just as obsessed as he is!”

Mandi – Big Family Organised Chaos

videogame interests

“My other half and I have gamer night’s as we have a lot of consoles between us. We’ve got this arcade Wii game or play something on the Xbox or PlayStation haha. It’s so much fun! X”.

Lucie – Lucie Loves It

“Video games. I’ve played them since I was a kid and my son is now obsessed with them. This has rubbed off on to my daughter and now the only time I get to play is in the evening when they’ve gone to bed!”

Pete – A 7 Step Guide To Survey Sites

“I love video games and am a massive gaming nerd. This was passed down to me as my uncle left me over 1,000 games and a lot of consoles from the 80s + 90s and beyond. Some of my best childhood memories are playing video games with him. I hope to play these games with my son if he enjoys them!”

Christy – Welsh Mum

“We’re quite the nerdy family, both from IT backgrounds. We’re that Marvel/DC comic loving, gaming, novelty T-shirt wearing, Lego building, Star Wars fanatics type of family”.

Karina – Mum’s The Nerd

“NES – my kids both play Kirby and Mario 3 on my Nintendo mini – much cooler than minecraft!”

Tina – MotherGeek

Books & Comics
books interests

“I’m a big marvel fan, I have some amazing superhero t-shirts and am happily passing my love on to my children. Also brightly coloured hair, they get ‘holiday hair’ in whatever colour they choose!”

Louise – Pink Pear Bear

“My husband is big time into Dungeons and Dragons and he can’t wait for our kids to be old enough to play. For now he’s happy that our three year old can name different types of dragons”.

Charlotte – Looking After Your Pennies

“Reading! I try my hardest to make sure my kids get enough reading in. What i would love is for my kids to love books as much as I do!”

Rebecca – My Girls & Me

“Batman/DC Superheroes, stationery and reading. The first is courtesy of their Dad although I’ve been sucked in slowly. The reading and stationery obsession is mine. Both the kids love pads, pens and stickers”.

Debbie – My Chaotically Eclectic Life

“Reading, I love love love to read and encourage my boys to read to. The little one loves being read to and the older one is starting to read alone by choice too”.

Terri – The Strawberry Fountain

“I’m obsessed with game of thrones! I’ve read all the books, seen every episode many times and i even own a huge book on the history and legends and genealogy of the various houses. I am a total nerd”.

Kate – The Mum Conundrum

lifestyle paint pot art interests

“I’m obsessive about recycling. I’ve been known to fish tins out the bin that my husband has thrown away. My three are the same. If they see someone had dropped litter, they often bring it home to put in the recycling boxes. It makes me really proud actually!”

Beth – Twinderelmo

“Love arts and craft and by the seems of it eldest does too.”

Helena – The Queen of Collage

“Knitting! My Gran taught me and I started up again my first was born – all sorts of clothes and toys. Now I’m starting to teach my daughter and will teach my son when he’s older. It’s great for dexterity and mental health and nice to be able to make things yourself!”

Jemma – Have Kids Will Travel



“My husband and I both love triathlon. This has passed on to our children who have been desperate to take part too. My eldest did her first triathlon a couple of weeks ago, two days before her 6th birthday. She absolutely loved it and I’m sure it was the first of many”.

Natalie – Plutonium Sox

Science & Technology

“Coding! I became obsessed with how to build websites after getting my first computer for my 11th birthday and have been coding ever since. People always find it pretty nerdy”.

Kaye – Hello Archie

“Dinosaurs! I love them, I have an a-z of dinosaurs print in our hallway and I like teaching Spike about different names and going to see stuff about them in museums”.

Raimy – Readaraptor Hatchling


“Coin collecting. I’m a huge coin collector. My daughter aged 6 is forever checking coins now. I often here “Mummy do you have this one”. Paddington coins are on order”.

Hayley – Very Mummy

“I collect mugs ! Am obsessed with them ! Have 4 crates of mugs in the attic all wrapped up”.

Lianne – Anklebiters Adventures

It’s great to see such a wide variety of interests among my fellow bloggers. It’s even better to think how many of these awesome interests will be passed down to another generation. These are the thoughts that will bring me comfort when my kids tell me that Terrahawks is rubbish and choose instead to watch two hours of YouTube videos where grown men shout loudly whilst playing Roblox.

4 thoughts on “What Geeky Interests Will You Pass On to Your Children?

  • 21st June 2018 at 11:25 AM

    I’m getting even more ideas from this post. I am going to investigate Settlers of Catan. I love a good geek tip! Thanks for including me.

    • 21st June 2018 at 11:44 AM

      No worries. Thanks for contributing!

  • 21st June 2018 at 12:03 PM

    ahh the nostalgia. Lego is still a geeky interest of mine (my wife doesn’t understand it though haha), looking forward to my toddler being old enough to play with ‘real’ lego, not just duplo. When my kids are old enough, board games will definitely be a staple of our home, my wife and I only just started getting back into them before parenthood so we can’t wait

  • 21st June 2018 at 1:58 PM

    Maybe we are just all geeks – we all pass on our crazy foibles to our kids – or secretly hope we will anyway! 🙂


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