Win educational toys worth over £1,100 this Christmas with Pigzbe!

At DadGeek we love gadgets and tech toys, especially if they help kids build a love of learning, so we are pretty excited about this awesome super giveaway of some of the world’s coolest educational toys. Take a look at this lot! 

Thanks to the guys and girls at Pigzbe, you can win 11 amazing educational toys in one big bundle, delivered in time for this Christmas.

If you don’t know it already, Pigzbe is a handheld ‘piggy-wallet’, an educational app, and a new digital currency (Wollo), which teaches children ages 6+ positive earning, spending and saving habits.

pigzbe competition

To celebrate Pigzbe’s Kickstarter, which launches in the first week of December, they have teamed up with some of the best kids startups in the business to host a MEGA 21st-century skills giveaway. They’re giving away 10 bundles of 11 amazing edtech toys and tools, (including Pigzbe!), and each bundle is worth over £1,170.

Here’s what’s in every package:

  • Pigzbe — A fun, handheld device for your child’s digital pocket money
  • Cubetto (Primo Toys) — A wooden robot that teaches coding through hands-on play, without a screen
  • Touch Board Starter Kit (Bare Conductive) — Turns any surface into a sensor
  • Suzy Snooze (BleepBleeps) — A beautiful baby monitor and sleep trainer
  • DokiWatch S (Doki) — The first kids’ smartwatch with video calling capabilities
  • Pioneer Kit (Infento)  — Like a life-size Lego or Meccano
  • F holder Basic KIT (MUtable) — The most accessorized play table in the world
  • CoDrone (Robolink) — A drone that teaches kids how to code
  • Orboot (Shifu) — An AR gaming system that makes STEM super fun  
  • Plugo (Shifu) — An interactive AR globe that takes you on a geographical adventure
  • Dough Universe (TechWillSaveUs) —  Fun, conductive dough that introduces how electricity works through play

Entering the competition only takes a few minutes and the stuff in this bundle is really great, including a product we’ve previously reviewed (and loved) Cubetto!


Give your kids 21st-century skills this Christmas* and sign up to the Pigzbe giveaway here.

Disclosure: This post was created in paid collaboration with Pigzbe

*Pigzbe, MUtable, Infento and Plugo delivered separately after Christmas


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