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As the sun has actually started daring to peek out from behind the clouds and tease us with the prospect of going outdoors for more than just emptying the bins, we turn our attentions to some of the more outdoorsy toys that cross our doorstep. This whizzy little gizmo is an AirHogs Sonic Rocket.

Despite the connotations of using the word “air” this is not one of those ‘stamp and launch’ style affairs that usually result in losing it into a tree after the first few goes. The AirHogs Sonic Rocket is a USB-rechargeable, self-propelled miniature aircraft that, when launched, whizzes into the air like a tiny angry wasp.

airhogs sonic rocket

It’s also really simple to use. Press a button on the craft’s belly and it begins counting down to lift off. After five whirrs of the propeller it lifts off gracefully into the air entirely under it’s own power. the rocket comes with three different height settings; ‘backyard’, ‘park’ and the rather daunting ‘orbit’. These were great for making sure our maiden voyages didn’t propel straight into a tree (that came later)!

On a full charge the AirHogs Sonic Rocket is good for fifty launches so having used the accompanying charge cable to give it some juice we took it to a local park. Ideally, when taking it out for a spin you want to find somewhere with little or no trees around for it to get snagged in and with enough room that you’re unlikely to have your craft land on someone’s picnic or drift across a main road. Safety first, etc.

When we tried out the AirHogs Sonic Rocket we only really had one main snag and that was the launch pad. The rocket comes with a small apparatus from which to launch the craft but we found that when using it, the rocket seemed to get caught up on it and plough into the ground. I think this is because there’s a bit of lateral drift before it gets off the launcher which is just enough to try and drag it with it.

We tried all three height settings and found that ‘backyard’ was ideal for small launches but hovered just slightly above head height, ‘park’ got a really good height and came down quite quickly but ‘orbit’ was clearly the best and most exciting. I’m not sure if it quite hit 200 feet but it went up really high and stayed there for ages. At one point we had some worrying interactions with some trees but the rocket was able to ping its way from branch to branch and reach ground level again.

We had a great time playing with the AirHogs Sonic Rocket. The launcher is a bit of a challenge but once you get the hang of it, it’s an awesome little toy. Be prepared that you might pull a crowd if you’re using it at your local park. As well as making quite a bit of noise you’ll probably be the only people hurtling back and forth trying to catch a rocket.

AirHogs Sonic Rocket is available from Amazon.

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  • 4th May 2018 at 11:38 AM

    My boys would love this. The dog would probably love chasing it too but i think the neighbors would hate it so we would have to use it on the field in the village. I love how you have mentioned the problems with the launch pad, it’s helpful to know these things in advance.


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