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Halloween is fast approaching (in fact by the time I write this it’ll probably already be here) and it’s the cause for much excitement in our household. The children have never really connected with the spooky part of Halloween (that will come later I’m sure) but they do enjoy the dressing up and stomping up and down the streets in pursuit of neighbours with candy. In our neighbourhood at least, it’s one of very few times we get to see who actually lives a few doors away so it’s a great time for the community in times when we’re all too used to shutting ourselves away.

To start getting them immersed in the art of being spooky and being spooked, we tried them out with a set of tricks and gags designed to make you jump out of your seat called the Box of Shocks. We got in the Halloween ‘spirit’ (that was a joke, don’t worry I’ll point them out) by making them jump out of their seats.

The Box of Shocks contains 12 tricks to make yourself and others leap in terror (or more like a quick jump of surprise). Ranging from fake ketchup and a pringles tube full of magically appearing bugs, the tricks are all designed to delight and surprise their intended subject and their immediate spectators. The tricks are easy to perform. Some take a little setup but nothing particularly taxing. Much of the trick can depend on presentation and delivery so a little theatrics can go a long way!

We tried out all the tricks with our kids and they got a real kick out of being shocked and then using the tricks on each other. Some got a bigger reaction than others but the combination of laughs and shrieks was evidence enough that this compendium of tricks was a big success. The Box of Shocks does exactly as its name suggests and all the little ghouls had their favourites. Claudia loved the ‘bug-in-a-box’, Morgan got a kick out of the ketchup and Marshall seemed to react very strongly to the scorpion that appears out of nowhere!

box of shocks contents

The tricks in the box are designed to make you jump but are altogether harmless. Some may be a little upsetting for younger children who may be somewhat over-convinced by the trickery so it can depend on the individual constitution of each potential ‘victim’. The age recommendation is 8+ and this is about right, although our five yr old joined in and wasn’t upset by any of it.

Box of Shocks is available from Amazon.

box of shocks

If you’re planning on going out this Halloween, take a look at our guide to staying safe while trick-or-treating. If you’re choosing to stay inside, check out our list of child-friendly Halloween movies!

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