Review: DC Super Friends Large Cool Sounds Harley Quinn

Anyone who knows me (or has had a decent poke through my Instagram feed) knows there’s one thing I really geek out over. One thing I’m really into collecting above all other things. That thing is Harley Quinn. It’s a developing obsession and I’m always on the lookout for new things to add to the collection. Here’s a few pics of my various acquisitions.

I’ve also got a few graphic novels…

…and one or two posters.


So with that in mind, when I was offered one of the DC Super Friends Tough Talking soft toy range to review, there was only one question that I asked. “Is there a Harley Quinn?” Luckily there was and she was shipped out to my house to be assessed, reviewed and then added to the collection. That was the plan anyway. The reality was going to be a lot different.

From the moment I brought the new Harley into the house, she was adopted and promptly spirited away by our fiercest family member, Claudia.

Claudia immediately loved Harley and she was quickly promoted ahead of ‘rainbow cat’ and ‘flying unicorn’ as the primary soft toy to be taken EVERYWHERE. Harley has so far, at the time of writing, been taken to most restaurants we’ve been to, enjoyed a trip to school for the day and is currently the toy we have to hunt for when it’s time for lights out. You’ll notice she also makes a cameo in our Scalextric video.

The Cool Sounds Harley isn’t just a soft toy though. It also has a number of phrases that are triggered by squeezing Harley’s tummy as well as numerous giggles and mad cackles. The sad nitpicker in me felt that the voice wasn’t particularly ‘Harleyish’ enough. It falls somewhere between cartoon witch and hillbilly grandma. But that’s the opinion of a 36 yr old nerd. The 4 yr old takes no issue with this whatsoever. Claudia has pushed that tiny circus criminal’s belly so many times that now her brother’s eye twitches whenever it goes off.

We thought this particular Harley Quinn was pretty great. Although part of me hopes I might one day sneak her in amongst all the other Harleys, for now I’m glad Claudia’s getting so much fun out of her. For those who have different tastes, The DC Super Friends Cool Sounds/Tough Talking Range also includes Wonder Woman, The Joker, Superman & Batman. I like the look of the Batman in particular as it looks like The Animated Series Batman which is one of my favourites.

If you want a Harley of your very own click here or check out for more awesome toys.


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