Review: Easter Fun with My Fairy Picnic Basket

This Easter, besides all the usual fun of painting eggs, hunting for eggs and scoffing their chocolate brethren in front of Cars 3, we’ve also received this awesome playset from the good folk at My Fairy Garden. It’s an adorable little picnic basket and it come with a little fairy and her rabbit companion with everything they need to have an epic picnic adventure.


The set comes with:

1 x fairy person
1 x rabbit companion
2 x cupcakes
2 x acorn cups
2 x weeny plates
1 x cupcake stand (that I assembled incorrectly)
1 x mini-tablecloth and
1 x picnic basket to put the whole shebang into.

We had an awesome time playing tea-time with the tiny fairy and her rabbit. At times it was clear that the fairy owned the basket house and the fairy was visiting but then it was decided, given the dimensions of the abode, that it was in fact rabbit’s house and fairy was merely visiting. The cupcakes were fresh out of the oven and a huge improvement over fairy’s last attempt at elderberry flapjacks.

At five years old, Claudia is just getting into more diverse pretend play with little people and play sets. My Fairy Garden is very similar to other ranges of tiny playsets such as Sylvanian Families but the unique style and emphasis on gardening and nature make it a really charming collection. Even now, she is looking over my shoulder an babbling about all the other fairies and unicorns she wants to get.

If this looks like the kind of thing that you’d like to get your hands on, you can get your own My Fairy Picnic Basket from Amazon here. Here’s some links to other lovely items in the My Fairy Garden range, many of which have a huge emphasis on getting into doing your own tiny gardening. Check out My Fairy Garden’s website to see their full range of fairies, unicorns and miniature gardens.

Disclaimer: This review was produced in return for product. No financial agreement was entered into. All opinions remain our own. This post contains affiliate links.

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