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If there’s one thing to be guaranteed popular support across all children, it’s bodily functions and toilet humour. Once upon a time it was thought that sniggering at fart sounds and flicking bogeys was the sole territory of boys, but I can attest from experience that all kids irrespective of gender are universally disgusting! I have both in my house and the mere mention of farting or poop is guaranteed to have all of the kids on fits of laughter. It’s the one truly unifying topic around which they can all be equally as grim as each other in the pursuit of getting a cackle out of each other.

We’ve tried out gross toys before, whether it was the tiny, collectable Flush Force flushies or stinky board games like What’s That Smell? It was fortunate that they have a track record of grossing each other out because we got ourselves a Fartist Club figure for them to try out!

Fartist Club is a range of interactive figures that make a range of delightfully flatulent sounds that would be considered rather inappropriate in posh company. The range includes characters such as Farty Flip, Windy Wendy and even a stinky pooch called Munchy Max!

We received the guitar-wielding ‘Ripping Randy’. Randy is like a tiny Axl Rose with a serious flatulence problem. Like all the figures, pulling his finger results in one of several farty sound effects, although Randy’s are intermixed with guitar riffs. I assume Max’s have woofs, etc to keep things a bit different for each character. The Fartist figure also has a delay button on the reverse to delay the fart sound being emitted for 10 seconds.

We thought that Fartist Club was pretty cool. The farting figure kept the younger two (5-7 yrs old) amused for a good hour or so, the 9 yr old perhaps less so. Fartist Club are great high-quality toys, perhaps somewhat lacking in longer term appeal when you consider that they aren’t poseable. They function great as a fart machine so can be used to play pranks on older relatives that come to visit!

If you’re looking for a great novelty toy to amuse your kid for a weekend or long car-journey then Fartist Club is definitely worth a look, especially if your kids are the ‘slime and snails’ type like ours are!

Fartist Club are available from Amazon.

Disclaimer: This review was produced in return for the product. No financial arrangements were entered into. All opinions remain our own. This post contains affiliate links.

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