Review: Fugglers!

We love a bit of weird stuff over here at DadGeek. Nothing gives us more pleasure than something a bit icky, silly or gross. We loved the rather disgusting (but cute) Flush Force and we always appreciate something out of the ordinary. So when we got a parcel I was delighted to open it and discover it was a couple of odd little creatures called Fugglers!

Fugglers are a new range of soft toy from Spin Master. They are an eclectic bunch of ‘funny, ugly monsters’ that I think are going to be in huge demand this Christmas.

The Fugglers are oddly shaped, have different eyes (and numbers of eyes) and other facial features. All of them seem to have rather super-realistic ‘people teeth’ which really adds to their creepy appeal! If I had to pin it down I’d say they appear to mostly be either aliens or delightfully twisted woodland creatures.

We received two Fugglers. One was a rather squinty-eyed blue squirrel with a big bushy tail and the other was a sort of yellow alien with a button eye.


This time we thought Morgan would like to be involved so we sat him down with his sister and gave them the Fugglers to see what they thought. They were both really excited. Claudia is at an ideal age where she is still very fond of cuddly toys and these ones were quirky enough to really get her attention. The yellow one (whom she has now named Crazy Carrie) has been added to the top of the collection of cuddly toys that cover her bed.

Morgan loved the squirrel (Sleepy Steve) but doesn’t have a strong interest in cuddly toys overall. I think he really appreciated the weirdness of it.

I think Fugglers are a great alternative to the usual cute and cuddly soft toy. Each one has something a bit unique about it and the range is wide and varied enough that you should be able to find one that appeals to you or your minion. Some younger children may not like the slightly creepy vibe that some of them have (it’s the teeth!) but I think the majority will find that those are part of their appeal.

We decided to take ours on holiday with us! Check out the video below to see how we got on!

Fugglers are available from The Entertainer.

Disclaimer: This review was produced in return for the product. No financial agreements were entered into. All opinions remain our own. This post contains affiliate links.

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