Review: Incredibles 2 Toys!

After a hiatus of fourteen years, everyone’s favourite super-hero family, The Incredibles, have returned to the big screen! The new movie get going right where the last one ended seeing the family using their powers to see off new threats whilst coming to terms with baby Jack-Jack’s burgeoning super-abilities.

We were already super excited but then we were sent some awesome Incredibles 2 toys from Jakks Toys to look at!  We got sent a gear set with light-up emblem, an official guide to the characters and events in the movie and, perhaps most exciting of all, our own interactive Jack Jack doll!

Incredibles 2 toys

The full range also includes other things such as full outfits, Elastigirl and her souped-up motorcycle and Mr Incredible himself.

From the moment we told her about it, you could tell Claudia was literally bursting to get Jack-Jack out of the box to see what he could do. Like the meanies we are, we insisted we look at the other stuff before getting Jack-Jack out of the box.

The gear set and emblem are a neat bunch of accessories that will help any kids in their imaginative roleplaying. The kids swapped around to take turns with the mask and gloves and before long they were pouncing around the sofa trying to turn invisible and zap each other with their laser powers. The mask and glove are a reasonably one-size-sort-of-fits-all affair and the light-up emblem is a great addition that they used as a sort of ‘crime is happening’ alert system.

The Incredibles 2 Official Guide is a nice, high-quality tie-in book that covers all the main characters, gadgets and locations in the movie. It’s very comprehensive so I’d advise anyone who doesn’t want the movie spoiled ahead of time to go see it first before delving into the pages of the guide. It’s a colourful and easily accessible book with stuff for all ages to have a flick through.

The big star of the show though was Jack-Jack himself. The Jack-Jack Attack toy is a lights-and-sounds recreation of the Parr’s youngest child who, as most will know, displayed a disturbing range of multiple superpowers at the end of the first movie. The second movie explores these in even more detail and the Jack-Jack Attack doll is a great attempt to bring the super-powered infant to life.

Jack-Jack has a small range of modes including short bursts of fiery burps or flashing eyes, through to a full, multi-power explosion of flashing and squealing.

This was by far the star of the show and Claudia especially has clung to it ever since we opened it. She even took him to see the movie when we went although I had to hold onto him some of the time as his power-triggering belly button was a little too easy to hit and his squealing and burbling not exactly cinema-friendly! For the foreseeable future Jack-Jack has replaced all the sadly non-super babies in the collection so as well as being a cool connection to the movie it is also a great roleplaying toy that can be a welcome guest at any make-believe tea party too.

Check out our video below of how we got on!

The kids loved the Incredibles 2 toys and I think it definitely helps them extend their excitement and fun from the movie. I’d definitely recommend them as a way for parents to help kids use their imaginations and having their own adventures whilst still excited from seeing the movie.

Jack-Jack and the other Incredibles 2 toys are available from Amazon

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3 thoughts on “Review: Incredibles 2 Toys!

  • 26th July 2018 at 12:47 PM

    Those kids really look the part! Great video.

  • 26th July 2018 at 1:01 PM

    We can’t wait to see this sequel – we loved the first and the trailer for the second looks fab 🙂

  • 30th July 2018 at 3:24 PM

    They’re class. We haven’t been to see it yet. Looking forward to it.


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