Review: Meccano Rally Racer 10 in 1!

These days if you ask kids what the biggest name is in construction and building toys, they’ll mention something about a Danish company that makes plastic bricks. But almost 40 years before the brickbuilders came along, children in the UK were building elaborate metal marvels using something called Meccano (in the US it was a similar product called ‘Erector’). Today Meccano is just as popular as ever and although you won’t often see them with big named licenses, the elaborate sets and versatile pieces make them really awesome to play with.


We took a look at the Rally Racer 10-in-1 kit that lets you build a variety of vehicles and even gives you a motor to power them! As you’ll see below, for the size of the kit which is one of their smaller ones, you get a really good range of pieces that let you build all the examples in the set. There’s also enough variety that you can forge your own unique designs and set them buzzing off around your living room.

The set was good fun to work on with my eldest and I found that it was a great opportunity to work on something with him but still let him do most of the work. Unlike brick-based construction sets, Meccano requires tools to assemble. This isn’t always necessarily a negative point as it means the models actually get to stay assembled for longer and it teaches the kids to work with tools that require a little dexterity.

meccano meccano

This is a great set for anyone who’s not used Meccano before and wants to pickup a smaller set that still offers a lot of options of things to build. The motor also makes it a really cool set as you could repurpose it to power other things besides just wheels. If you later decided to supplement it with other sets you could potentially make some really cool stuff!

Marshall also thought it was pretty cool. He’s done a few of the chunkier construction toys and he has bricks coming out of his ears. This was a great opportunity for him to do something a bit more fiddly that required some concentration. He was really happy with the result though and we’re keen to make more crazy vehicles together!

This and other Meccano sets are available from Amazon here.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Meccano Rally Racer 10 in 1!

  • 5th June 2018 at 9:43 PM

    This looks brilliant. I want this for myself.

    • 5th June 2018 at 9:55 PM

      I may have had a hand in some of the building hehe…


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