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As with any house that contains a 5yr old girl, we’re huge fans of fairies. They rank just below ponies in the all-time things to get super-excited about and cover with glitter at every available opportunity. We’ve previously had a great time with My Fairy Garden stuff having previously reviewed the Picnic Basket and Unicorn Garden playsets. So when we were sent the Fairy Kitchen Garden playset I immediately grabbed my trowel and went to go prep some soil for the new addition.

My Fairy Garden are a range of fairy-themed playsets that almost always include an element of micro-gardening. They come with a range of cute miniature fairy items that can be assembled to help kids with their imaginative play but many of the sets also come with something to grow too! By laying down a layer of soil (not included) beneath the fairy scene, you can sow seeds and watch as your fairy cottage sprouts a lovely little lawn (or jungle, as was the case with us).

My Fairy Kitchen Garden represents an evolution of that concept. Having previously grown mostly grass seeds, My Fairy Kitchen Garden encourages kids to grow things they can actually eat! Instead of grass seeds, you are provided with peas to plant. This is a great move forward from a product that was already focused on getting kids to grips with the natural world, to now introducing them to growing their own food!

We tried out My Fairy Kitchen Garden with our youngest, who really enjoyed the previous sets. The setup is very similar. You are provided with a container, this time a rectangular window-box-style tub, and fill it half full with your own soil. We have an area of the garden that we know is mostly undisturbed soil we laid there last year. Once the soil is in place, you assemble the various parts of the scene onto the places you’re not intending to grow your peashoots. This set was primarily the fairy, her house and her garden but others can contain all sorts of bunting, woodland creatures, toadstools, etc. There’s also no reason you can’t mix & match sets to come up with a larger scene for yourself!

fairy kitchen garden fairy kitchen garden

Once the scene is in place, bury your peas and give them a generous watering! After that you just have the wait until your peas start growing. It can feel like a long time (especially for children’s limited attention spans) but we saw activity from our peas within 24 hrs! It’s also nice to have something that the kids get excited to go see when they come home from school or, in our case, literally every 30 minutes!

Within a few days we had proper shoots growing!

We’d definitely recommend My Fairy Kitchen Garden as a great family activity you can do together. It teaches kids basic gardening skills and wraps it up in an adorable theme that keeps them engaged. It does require a little bit of patience but that is in itself a pretty valuable thing for children to learn!

My Fairy Kitchen Garden is available from Amazon. Go check out more My Fairy Garden sets here.

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  • 19th March 2019 at 9:46 AM

    I love the look of this, not sure my boys would agree but I think it is an ace way to encourage to gardening


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