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After all the fun we had with Ant World, the kids were really excited to get going with Worm World. We were lucky when trying these out as the blistering sunshine got all the ants out for the last article and then it absolutely chucked it down with rain, bringing all the worms to the surface and allowing us to get some great specimens for this one!

Worm World is another nature-oriented kit from Interplay that encourages children to bring the outside indoors and take a longer, closer look at how creatures live. Just as with the Ant World, the kit comes with everything you need to set up your own worm farm. The kit contains a large perspex container with air-holes at the top and a variety of coloured sands that allow you to create a layered effect that can then be disturbed by the worms as they travel.

As with Ant World, the Worm World set is part of the My Living World set which has various great kits for getting a closer look at nature.

Before unpacking the kit we got the kids out in the garden and went hunting for our new wormy tenants. I loosened the earth with a gardening fork and they went poking about, picking out the worms as they were revealed. The rains had brought many to the surface so we got a nice selection. The instructions say to put in five big worms or about fifteen ‘groundlings’. We ended up with about 10-11 worms of various sizes but it seemed like a comfortable amount with plenty of space.

Then we went inside and unpacked our kit. Together we created layers of coloured sand and soil that we had collected from the garden so that we ended up with a nice layered effect. The kids had a great time pouring the sand in but if you want even layers it can be tricky to get younger kids to get them particularly uniform. We helped a little bit but it’s great to get them involved as much as possible.

When the worm farm (home?) was finished we introduced our worms. It was actually amazing how quickly they started burrowing into the soil! Within a few minutes they were all beneath the surface! We also collected plenty of dry leaves for them to feast on while they’re in there.

As with Ant World, Worm World comes with a cover so that the worms believe they are underground in the snuggly dark at all times. This makes sure they don’t hide exclusively in the centre, away from the sides.

One thing that is apparent about Worm World is that the setup is much quicker than Ant World. You can get your worms straight in without any coaxing, whereas Ant World was a slightly longer exercise in persuading the high speed ants into their new home. They’re both great but if you’re short on time or the kids have a shorter attention span, Worm World is definitely the choice I’d recommend.

Since we assembled Worm World, the worms have been getting on brilliantly although we only see two or three at a time. The kids often come up to see what they’ve been up to and are treated to new tunnels and a worm slithering past.

Check out our video of how we got on!

We’d definitely recommend Worm World as a great way to introduce kids to a close-up view of nature. It also helps more squeamish children get a hands-on experience with the worms in a way that is a bit more comfortable.

Disclaimer: This review was done in return for the product. No financial agreements were entered into.  Our opinions remain our own. 

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  • 17th August 2018 at 2:08 PM

    My step son would love this! Great for schools too


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