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Did you ever wish someone would make a wacky mash-up of Connect 4 and old-fashioned dominos? Me too! Thankfully Big Potato games have a near-psychic level of intuition and have handily invented it so we can all have a go. It’s called OK Play.

OK Play gives up to four players a neat little stack of square, coloured tiles (if a disagreement arises about who gets to be what colour, have a game of OK Play to decide who picks first). Players then place these tiles, one per turn, attempting to create a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line comprising five tiles of their own colour.

This starts out pretty simple but as play progresses you can see everyone strategising, fighting between forwarding their own agendas whist trying to stifle the plans of their opponents. There’s also a weird way that temporary alliances spring up when it appears more than one player is needed to block another player’s victory. Whilst we were playing I managed to achieve a position that requires the now-fabled ‘three-way-block’ where all three other players had to place their pieces to prevent my imminent victory.

Should you run out of pieces to put down, that’s when the fun really begins! Once all pieces have been placed, play continues but players must select a piece to move to a new location. This can be incredibly tense because by moving those pieces you can easily open up avenues you’d previously shut off and make an easy win for your opponent.

If you fancy a smaller, one-on-one game of OK Play, there’s also OK Play Duel which only comes with two stacks of coloured tiles. Handily, it also adds onto OK Play to create a whopping six-player variant of the game. It should be noted though, that whilst 4 player OK Play is a speedy, happy-go-lucky puzzle game, 5 player OK Play is basically a combination of Chess and Risk. If you have a gang of players that are all beady-eyed strategists, the game becomes a quiet battle where every move could bring downfall. It’s still great but it’s really interesting to see how the play style slows down and you have to continually check what everyone is up to. We haven’t played 6 player OK Play but we figure it might be one of those situations where you have to commit to a night of the week to come back and continue the campaign.

ok play tiles

We played OK Play with people of a large range of ages including adults over 60 and kids as young as 5. There’s definitely something for everyone here. The younger children will definitely need assistance but it’s a great activity to be on a team with mum or dad. Our 9 yr old managed to beat a team of grown ups! Twice!

We’d definitely recommend OK Play and OK Play Duel for anyone that is looking for a quick, colourful game that is easy to get straight into but takes a little longer to truly master. It’s also really portable, both games come on a handy little carry-clip so it’s great to take to a quiet corner of a pub or coffee shop or to sling in a suitcase or backpack to take away with you.

Ok Play is made by Big Potato Games and is available to buy from Amazon.

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