Review: Playdate Rapunzel!!!

Despite being right in the middle of a frenzy of robot toys, a toy arrived recently that threw our youngest family member into an excitable frenzy and there were no circuits or flashing LEDs to be seen. Instead we were treated to a little bit of fantasy elegance in the form of Playdate Rapunzel.

Slated to be one of this years top Christmas toys, Playdate Rapunzel (from Jakks Toys) is a big deal and one of the reasons might be because at 32 inches high she’s one of the tallest dolls we’ve ever seen!

Playdate Rapunzel is a scale replica of the famous princess Rapunzel, star of Disney’s Tangled. Despite being released nearly a decade ago (oh god I feel old all of a sudden) Tangled has endured in the hearts and minds of children, much like many Disney movies do. When the film was released we only had one tiny baby (now we have three feral creatures) and our youngest wouldn’t arrive for another three years! Now that youngest child is about to sit down and tell us what she thinks of Playdate Rapunzel, a doll almost as big as she is!

Playdate Rapunzel is a fully-poseable doll that can be articulated into any scenario imaginable. Whether it be afternoon tea with the ladies (usually a mixture of other baby dolls, barbies, a pony or two, a ninja turtle, half a transformer and someone made of LEGO) or having a leisurely afternoon of fighting off thugs and bandits on the kitchen, Rapunzel is up to the challenge.

For those who feel that no princess is complete without her steed, you can also get Playdate Maximus (sold seperately). Maximus is a white horse, also similarly scaled-up to allow Playdate Rapunzel to either ride off into the sunset or straight into another adventure (or tea party)!

Rapunzel comes with an elegant princess dress and her own hairbrush, which is a good thing because, as you might expect, there is A LOT of hair on this doll. Her plentiful barnet is easily styled just as you would the hair of any mythical princess. We’ve kept ours in a delightful selection of braids and plaits but before long Claudia is going to want to go for the epic beehive and that’s gonna take a lot of brushing out.

Claudia literally burst with excitement as soon as she spotted Playdate Rapunzel. The sheer scale of the doll makes it so much more interactive than smaller dolls and we often found Claudia was including her in all her other play activities like an imaginary friend (Rapunzel has now watched a lot of Oddbods and Story Bots). She was also a great bonding activity for spending time with mum. We suspect mum may secretly like Playdate Rapunzel even more than Claudia does!

Playdate Rapunzel has an RRP of £59.99 which I think is pretty good considering her size and versatility. This could make an ideal ‘big present’ for girls and boys who love fairytale adventures this Christmas.

Playdate Rapunzel and Maximus are available from Amazon.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Playdate Rapunzel!!!

  • 20th November 2018 at 9:22 PM

    Wow she looks even bigger than those American Girl dolls, I love how delighted your daughter clearly is!

    • 20th November 2018 at 10:14 PM

      Thank you! The doll is HUGE and now often sits at the dining room table with us (for special occasions)!

  • 21st November 2018 at 2:32 PM

    wow this looks amazing, why are toys so much better now than when i was a kid. This would have been the doll of dreams for me


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