Review: Science-In-A-Box from Cell-Fie Education

At DadGeek we’re huge fans of science so when we were offered a chance to take a look at a science subscription box from Cell-Fie Education we couldn’t have been more excited.

Coming straight off a series of kits that help us interact with the nature around us, this was another great example of how to get young kids excited about the creatures that share our environment. In this case, BUTTERFLIES!

Cell-Fie Education is a subscription-based service that sends budding young scientists a box of projects and activities with a common science theme. Previous boxes have included making volcanoes and lava lamps!

The boxes cover topics from chemistry, biology and physics and are based around the KS2 and KS3 curriculum so as well as having fun there’s a whole lot of learning happening too!

Fitting right in with our ongoing (but soon ending) theme of nature, we were thrilled to get a box that included activities centred around looking after butterflies.

The kit includes a booklet containing two big projects and a number of smaller activities based around the topic. Ours included information on the lifecycle of a butterfly, labelling and drawing their anatomy and making a comic strip.

cell-fie education science

cell-fie education science

cell-fie education science

Our two big projects were to build a Butterfly Feeder and a Butterfly Home for our garden. All the materials required for these creations were included in the box we received.

The Butterfly Feeder is a cup, string, paint & brush, cotton wool and foam sheets from which you can make an enticing piece of artwork that hangs from a tree and attracts butterflies that can then perch on it’s colourful leaves and sip sugary water from within.

Kawaii Stuff

The Butterfly Home is a wooden construction that fits together easily with large tabs and slots. No glue or other fixing was required at all! The wooden box has slots for butterflies to enter and take shelter from the elements or any nearby predators too big to fit inside.

cell-fie education science butterfly home feeder

Both projects were great opportunities to take part in a craft activity whilst also learning a few things about the science of these tiny creatures. I was actually surprised at how much Claudia already knew about the lifecycle of a butterfly as she took me through the pictures and explained each of the stages to me!

Check out our video below to see how we got on with our projects

Depending on the box you choose, the subscription ranges from between £10.95 and £15.95 per month on a recurring basis which I think is amazing value for what’s inside. Visit for further details.

Disclaimer: This review was produced in return for the product. No financial agreements were entered into. Our opinions remain our own.

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