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There’s one thing that has always struck me as quite bizarre when it comes to my children and popular culture, whether it be tv shows, cartoons, movies or toys. Despite sharing a lot of the same interests that I had as a child, they still don’t really seem to connect to it like I did. This is absolutely normal of course, just frustrating to a dad who has been harbouring Thundercats dvds to show them to his kids who would much rather watch someone play Terraria on YouTube.

Disney is a great example of this too. Claudia LOVES princesses. She’s watched Frozen the customary 750 times, she has a small, but coveted selection of princess dresses (usually combined with a small handbag rammed to bursting with Shopkins) and all signs point towards her being absolutely the best possible candidate for a classic Disney Princess movie marathon. Cinderella! Sleeping Beauty! Snow White! The Little Mermaid! Total princess goldmines, every single one.

But despite plonking her down in front of most of those, they just never really seemed to resonate with her. She tried hard but you could see the fidgets kick in after the first thirty minutes and soon she would scarper off in search of something more shiny than a 30-50 yr old movie her parents loved as kids.

It turns out we were maybe neglecting those things that helped us connect to those movies as kids. The toys! I can’t remember ever having Disney princess toys, although I do remember going round to my neighbours and staging an episode of “The Real Ghostbusters and He-Man visit the Haunted Barbie Dreamhouse and Save the Day with Karate Kicks and Shouting”. I’m sure there were plenty of households with princess castles being played with whilst the tv played an increasingly worn copy of Beauty & the Beast.

So when we showed Claudia the Sing & Sparkle Ariel, it could have gone a number of ways. Luckily, she immediately got REALLY excited! I should have guessed, a new doll is a new doll after all! She immediately set to brushing the hair and pushing the sea-shell broach/button on Ariel’s chest to set off her songs and phrases.

sing & sparkle ariel

Sing & Sparkle Ariel is an interactive doll from Jakk’s Toys based on the famous mermaid of the same name from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. She has movable arms, big, expressive eyes and lots of flowing, red hair but, interestingly, her tail-half is almost entirely turned into a sparkly snow globe! Her transparent tail is filled with water and glitter so moving and shaking her gives her a shimmery, sparkly appeal! Combined with her lights, phrases and songs she’s definitely got a lot happening to keep kids playing.

The really unique thing about Sing & Sparkle Ariel, though, is what happens when you put her in water! Despite all instincts to the contrary we placed Ariel in the water as advised by the instructions. Only when in the water can you unlock all of Ariel’s song and phrases! She has special songs that only happen when she’s at least partially submerged. I think it’s a great idea and a good way to get kids to play when in the tub.

sing & sparkle ariel

Ariel’s “tail lights” shimmer about in the water and it makes for a really cool bathtime experience! When bathtime is over, Ariel is able to drain out easily and revert to being a ‘dry’ toy just as easily.

Claudia definitely loves Sing & Sparkle Ariel. Perhaps the best thing is that now Claudia loves The Little Mermaid! Now we just need to invest in some toys that will get her to watch Labyrinth with me instead of a 30 minute video of a woman opening LOL Dolls!

Sing & Sparkle Ariel is available from The Entertainer. If you love Disney Princesses, check out our review of Playdate Rapunzel!

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