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When we stopped by Toy Fair 2019 this year, one of the most exciting toys we saw was a range of squishy, glittery creatures from Vivid called Splishies! Part plushy soft toy, part sensory glitter bubble, Splishies immediately got my attention. Each one is an adorable creature with a squashable, squeezable bubble of fluid inside, filled with glitter and colourful shapes. I was excited then to receive a whole box of Splishies through the post!

Splishies are a selection of super-colourful, super-cute (kawaii?) little animals with tummies full of glitter and sparkles! We received a Narwhal called ‘Nagoli’, an Octopus called ‘Orizi’ and a huge penguin called Rocco!

splishies narwhal

Each Splishies creature is made of a soft, colourful outer material with a pliable transparent belly through which you can see their swirling contents. Each cute character has a combination of glitter and colourful shapes swimming around inside them and as you squash them, they scatter and swirl around. It’s really quite hypnotic! Reminded me of something akin to a snowglobe or lava lamp all held within a cheeky critter!

We gave the Splishies to Claudia to see what she thought of them. Check out our video!

The Splishies come in two main sizes. The standard Splishies (in our case Nagoli and Orizi) are about 8.5 cm wide/tall, whereas Rocco is one of the Super Splishies. He’s a bit chunkier at 12.5 cm wide/tall.

The thing that has struck us the most about Splishies is that they work on a number of sensory levels. From a tactile perspective the outside is soft and fluffy while the belly bubble is very smooth. Squashing the bubble is also really satisfying and is very similar to a number of sensory toys we’ve come across before. Also, the sparkly glitter and charms inside are visually really stimulating.

splishies bubble

As someone who is always on the lookout for toys that may be suitable for SEN children, this struck me as a really good product. All of our children have been playing with these since we did our video and you’ll qute often see one being absent-mindedly squished while watching TV. They are especially calming for Morgan, our child with ASD. Having toys that allow him to ‘stim’ can often be vital to self-regulating when he gets stressed out.

Overall, I’d say these were great toy for younger children and for older children who appreciate something interesting and cute to play with. Splishies are available from Amazon.

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Disclosure: We were sent these toys free of charge in return for an unbiased review. No financial agreements were entered into and our opinions are 100% our own. This post contains affiliate links.

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