Review: The Dream Pillow

Like many families, our silent nights can be frequently interrupted by children who are anything but. One of the main reasons for restless children in our house is bad dreams.

It’s fantastic to see them using their great imaginations during the day but at night-time these can often help fuel scary dreams that make it difficult for them, and us, to get a good night’s sleep.

So we were pretty pleased to be sent a new product aimed at helping kids tackle their nightmares and turn them into great dreams.

dream pillow

The Dream Pillow is a soft, fluffy pillow intended to help children sleep more easily by tackling those scary dreams and turning their imagination into a force for good, even at night-time.

The Dream Pillow comes with a colourful story book and a notepad. Kids can write down the dreams they want to have and then tuck the notes deep inside a pocket inside the pillow. Then, when they fall asleep, the Dream Pillow’s magic helps them take control of their dreams.

Obviously, the magic is all inside those tiny minds sleeping on the pillow but I think it’s a great idea to get kids to focus on positive stories right before they go to bed.

The story book is a tale about how a young girl uses the pillow to tackle her own nightmares and have great dreams. This was really well presented and a great addition to help illustrate how the pillow works.

dream pillow

The only issue we had was when reading the book, there’s a part where the young girl tries the pillow and it doesn’t work the first time. I see why this was, you don’t want to raise their expectations and have them give up after one go. The problem for us was this actually worried our daughter and she was certainly more reluctant to give it a go.

Nevertheless, we got little miss to write down her dream on the notepad. She wrote that she’d like a dream about fairies and flowers. We popped the note inside the dream pillow and she settled down to sleep.

dream pillow

The next day, after an uninterrupted night’s sleep I spoke to her about it. She said that there HAD been fairies but no flowers. So she said she’d have another go and see what happened again the next night. Another partial success!

Overall we think The Dream Pillow is a great product as it inspires kids to use their imagination to help settle themselves into great dreaming habits instead of focusing on the anxieties that may have built up during the day. With better sleep, they function better the next day so overall it’s a thumbs up from us!

The Dream Pillow is available from Amazon. Check out The Dream Pillow’s website here.

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