Review: Transformers: The Last Knight Giant RC Bumblebee Car

Thanks to the kind folks of Smoby Toys, we were sent a Transformers: The Last Knight remote control Bumblebee to take a look at. I showed it to the kids and it immediately kicked off an argument about who was having the first go. I  laughed and informed the children that Dad would be having first go. In reality, it would be several hours and a change of batteries later until I finally got my hands on it again. The kids all had a great time skating close to my ‘not-down-the-stairs’ rule and it was durable enough to put up with the tussle of three kids taking turns to speed it up and down the hallway.

Bumblebee’s a good chunky RC car with a lightweight, removable outer shell. It’s way faster than I anticipated and given a more open space would get up to a really decent speed. Bumblebee is currently only available from Argos and at the current price it’s a steal for a nice, chunky present under the tree this christmas.

Transformers: The Last Knight Giant RC Bumblebee Car 1:10 at Argos

Although there’s clearly a general target age-range for rc cars, all my children had an awesome time running it around the house and the controls were as easy for my 4 yr old to grasp as they were for my 8 yr old.

Here’s a video of the car zooming around the house. This video wasn’t originally intended to include so much cat activity but they literally wouldn’t leave it alone!

Disclaimer: This review was done in return for the product. No financial agreements were entered into. All opinions are our own.


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