Review: Unicorn Charm Jewellery!

If Claudia has developed an obsession with anything of late then it’s unicorns. She has, at most recent count, collected twelves stuffed unicorn toys. She also has a large container of smaller plastic unicorns, unicorn pyjamas, a unicorn bathrobe and insists on us buying the unicorn magic hand soap when we go to the supermarket. Recently we reviewed a unicorn garden and it still lives on in my office giving her a reason to come in and faff with it, so when we were sent some unicorn charm jewellery I knew it would go down well.

The Unicorn Charm Jewellery kit contains everything you need (and more) to create your own sparkly creations. There’s a variety of beads and gems to choose from so you can make various designs of different colours and styles. There are also a small collection of adorable unicorn charms because, after all, that’s what we’re here for. More unicorns!

The kit provides elasticated thread from which to make bracelets or even necklaces and all the other clasps, etc that you need to hold everything together. There’s plenty in there too so you should be able to make quite a selection of unicorn charm jewellery with what’s provided!

We did the kit with Claudia (5yrs old). She really enjoyed choosing what colours and charms she wanted to use and threading them together on the thread so it’s definitely a good activity for working on those fine motor skills. When it came to actually finishing off the bracelets and getting the clasps tied on, she did find that a bit too tricky. You’ll want someone to hand with a bit of good finger dexterity.

I managed to finish off the jewellery that Claudia had started but I think my big dad fingers may not have been quite elegant enough for the task and there were a few droppages. The elasticity of the thread can make it tricky but I’m sure smaller, more dexterous fingers would probably be absolutely fine.

Claudia made a bracelet and a necklace and even days on she’s carrying them around or adding them to her jewellery collection! There’s enough content in the kit that this would definitely be a great idea for a crafty birthday activity, with the added bonus that everyone could leave with the stuff they made.

We had a great time making Unicorn Charm Jewellery and would definitely recommend it, but be ready to get your fingers ready for some nimble threading!

Unicorn Charm Jewellery is available from Amazon.

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