Review: Wild Cakes!

Remember Popples? They were like cute, cuddly creatures that you could turn inside out to turn them into squashy, cuddly balls. I didn’t have them myself but my neighbour’s sister had some and my neighbour would regularly use them as hostages whenever he was having a disagreement with her. Well now the insidey-out-animal technology is back and this time the cute, furry animals are hiding inside cakes! Wild Cakes!

Wild Cakes are a range of adorable woodland creatures disguised as tasty confections and baked goods. There are 12 in total and you’ll find them hiding inside cupcakes, buns and slices of cake.

Each Wild Cake arrives in ‘cake-form’ and can be transformed into its creature state by un-velcroing a gap in the side of the baked goods which lets you unleash the bunnies or raccoons hiding within.

Each Wild Cakes creature has a unique smell. Some smell fruity whilst others have a chocolatey or fudgey aroma. The smell is usually linked in some way to their cutesy persona and you’ll find names ranging from Bunny Choco Cake to Sweet Berry Finn!

As you’ll see from our video, we tried out three Wild Cakes and were rewarded with three adorable woodland chums! We got a bunny, a raccoon and a pink… thing. We think it’s a bear.

wild cakes wild cakes

When they are in their cake form, the toys outer shell is quite rubbery, although this may depend on what variety you have. The ones we got were two slices of cake and a big bun. The rubbery outer shell all neatly folds up inside the creature though and leaves you with a great, cuddly critter.

Transforming the Wild Cakes can be a bit tricky, especially at first, but we found that if you start with the head then everything else tends to be easy enough. It wasn’t long at all before Claudia was able to transform the creatures with absolutely no outside help whatsoever.

wild cakes

We found Wild Cakes to be really good and we’d definitely recommend them. They’re a cute, cuddly toy with an added surprise and a lovely smell! After opening them, Claudia has immediately started incorporating them into her roleplaying and they have already enjoyed numerous tea parties and nap times.

Wild Cakes will soon be available from Claire’s Accessories.

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Disclosure: We were sent this toy free of charge in return for an unbiased review. No financial agreements were entered into and our opinions are 100% our own. 


3 thoughts on “Review: Wild Cakes!

  • 11th February 2019 at 2:33 PM

    Absolutely love these they’re so adorable! I can’t wait for their release

  • 12th February 2019 at 1:28 PM

    Those are fun! How unusual. I’m hungry thinking about cake now! 😀

  • 12th February 2019 at 10:07 PM

    They look fun!


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