Tabletop: The Magic Labyrinth

For family games night the biggest MiniGeek and I played The Magic Labyrinth! It’s an awesome game that pits players against a hidden maze. Using the magnetic playing pieces you must guide the hidden steel balls around a maze of unseen corridors in pursuit of mystical counters. One wrong move and you’ll bump into a wall, lose your ball and have to go back to your corner and start again.

The Magic Labyrinth is a fantastic example of a simple concept done well and as a result it’s easy for even younger children to get to grips with. Although we played a game with two, the game can handle up to four players and the more you have the more unpredictable the action gets. This is also one of those games where the kids can easily get a leg up on the competition, because when you’re trying to remember where all the walls are, those young synapses are going to easily out match the grown ups.

The maze below is a series of tiles that can be moved and reconfigured so there are hundreds of different maze configurations to try. Careful you don’t make them too tricky though, the game can become a little frustrating when a counter is stuck in a seemingly unreachable corner of the map. Young minds will soon begin to wander after they run out of patience.

Be careful also to watch out for sneaky cheaters. Marshall sailed close to the ‘no checking walls’ rule on more than one occasion and with a little bit of distraction you may find the more conniving of your brood peeking at the maze to chart a safer course.

We received the game a little while ago as a gift but it’s available on Amazon. Alternatively, why not ask for it at your friendly local game shop? Mine is a toss up between The Games Room, Norwich and Langleys (also Norwich).

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