Unboxing a Fred’s Box!

If there’s one thing our kids love, it’s surprises, especially if those surprises happen to come in the form of exciting mystery boxes! We spoke to the awesome people behind Fred’s Box and they sent us an awesome Twin’s Box, filled with cool things to play and create mayhem with. Morgan was at his grandad’s on this occasion but Marshall and Claudia helped us out to see what was inside (Morgan has since helped himself to his fair share, despite getting sensory treats earlier this week)!

Fred’s Box is a monthly subscription service offering boxes of goodies to children over the age of 3 yrs old and there are a number of options on offer.

Fred’s Mystery Box – is a mystery box of goodies including:

  • an age appropriate reading book,
  • an Ooshie (for the over 5’s)
  • 4 x crayola funky shapes (for the under 5’s)
  • a pack of trading cards
  • Fred’s Box pencil, sticker and 4 design your own postcards
  • Another 2-5 mystery gifts!

Each box is tailored to be age-appropriate for the lucky boy or girl that’s waiting (patiently, I’m sure) to receive it.

Twins Mystery Subscription Box – is all of the above – twice! Ideal for not just twins but any two siblings and Fred’s Box will make sure the content is tailored to the age, gender and reading age of both your children.

If squishy little collectibles are your thing, Fred’s Box also offer a range of Ooshie Subscription Boxes – containing primarily the little pen-topping dudes and dudettes. They come in quantities of 2, 4, 6 and 10 Ooshies and Fred’s Box will also make sure never to send you the same Ooshie twice!

Handily, all Fred’s Boxes fit straight through your letterbox so you don’t even have to fret about staying in for the parcel man to arrive!

Marshall and Claudia cracked open a Twin’s Box and this is what they found inside!

  • My Little Pony hairclips
  • Shopkins bracelets
  • Shopkins trading cards
  • Crayola Funky Shapes
  • Tinkerbell Tsum Tsum
  • Minions keyring
  • Avengers Hero Attax cards
  • Star Wars Kylo Ren wristband
  • Evil Superman Ooshie
  • Fidget spinner
  • 2 Fred’s Box pencils
  • “Nurp Stampede” book
  • “The Queen Makes a Scene” book
  • Postcards
  • Stickers

Claudia has been over the moon with both her Shopkins cards and her Tinkerbell Tsum Tsum (the start of a burgeoning collection no doubt) and has insisted on taking them with her to pre-school. Marshall has been similarly gripped by his new fidget spinner and you can now tell if he’s coming by the whirring sound coming down the hallway.

For any parents looking for a reasonably priced monthly treat for their kids, I think Fred’s Box offer a generous range of options that can suit any budget and we’d certainly recommend them based on the lovely box we were sent!

Leigh (DadGeek)

Disclaimer: Fred’s Box provided no financial remuneration to us in return for this product review. All opinions expressed are our own, based on product provided to us free of charge. This post contains affiliate links 

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