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We love an excuse to do a bit of artsy craft stuff over here. We’ve previously done Father’s Day crafts and had a gander at some Hama beads for Mother’s Day (special occasions seem to get quite crafty). It’s nice to have a reason to sit down with the kids and spend some time making something together. So when we were sent some eZee Beads from John Adams we got stuck straight in!

If you’ve ever used Hama beads (or Perler beads for the Americans) then you’ll be largely familiar with what’s going on here but with some major differences. Hama/Perler beads are visually almost identical but require heating with a clothes iron to stick together. eZee beads work much more like Aquabeads which stick together by dowsing them with water instead.

The other crucial difference is that eZee beads are used to create layers of a design which can then be fused together to make a whole 3d object! That really opens up the scope for what can be achieved with such simple building blocks.

The kits we checked out were the Trucks pack and the Emergency Vehicles pack.

eZee Beads eZee Beads

As both packs were vehicle based they were very similar in contents. In each pack you get:

  • an array of coloured beads
  • a pegged board on which to arrange them
  • a card guide (for under the board)
  • a spray bottle (for the water)
  • several sets of wheels
  • spindles for holding layers together

Thanks to the similarity of the packs we were able to work through them at a similar pace and help each other out. Mum was eagle-eyed and spotted that one of the designs was required twice so we tackled those first.

The kids found it really easy to assemble the eZee beads. Claudia did enlist a bit of help from Mum but I didn’t have to get involved in Marshall’s at all. It’s one of those toys where, as the children get older, they are able to do more and more of it for themselves.

Once the layers were assembled it took about 30-40 minutes for them to dry in the sun. We left them about an hour to make sure. Once these were nice and solid we used the spindles to attach all the layers together and attached the wheels, etc.

Depending on how well you put them together, these really do function as perfectly usable toy cars. We found that they were pretty sturdy and not particularly prone to falling apart. Once they’re together they hold up pretty well!

Check out our video below of how we got on with our eZee Beads!

eZee Beads are available from Amazon and are made by John Adams toys.

Disclaimer: This review was written in return for the product. No financial agreements were entered into. Our opinions remain our own. This post contains affiliate links.

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  • 16th August 2018 at 3:17 PM

    They look great. My step daughter would love these


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