Review: Slam Dice!

Here at DadGeek we’re having a lot of fun with some new boardgames and party games. Many of them can be a bit tricky for the younger children to figure out so we love it when we discover something that’s really fun but engaging for younger players. We were recently sent a couple of great new products from Cheatwell Games called Slam Dice that were exactly what we were looking for!

Slam Dice are self-contained dice games that come in a collapsible rubber/silicone cup with a solid perspex lid. The dice are contained within and can be shaken about without fear of one of them tumbling under a table or getting lost under the sofa. The cup is then slammed down, revealing the dice result!

Slam Dice come in two separate versions; W*RDS and CHEAT. W*RDS contains three dice with various letters on all sides. Players shake up the dice, slam down the cup and need to make as many words as possible from the available letters. CHEAT is a numbers game. Players shake up the dice as usual but they keep the result secret from their opponent. They can then choose whether to tell the truth or lie about the result. Their opponent must decide whether they are telling the truth or telling a lie and then declare what they think. If a player is right, their opponent loses a life, if they’re wrong they lose a life themselves!

Both of the Slam Dice were great little games that kept the kids busy for ages. It’s always a good sign if we spot them playing with something regularly even after the video is finished and these have been out a lot! Claudia loves W*RDS because she is still working on her spelling and reading and it gives her the opportunity to sound out small words, even if her big brother tends to outmatch her a lot of the time. Luckily, she seems particularly good at beating him when playing CHEAT and almost always manages to trick Marshall into guessing wrong almost every time!

slam dice words cheat

The product is colourful, easy to handle and generally really well made. It feels solid and is sturdy enough to put up with being ‘slammed’ by some rather excitable youngsters for extended periods of time.

One thing we really like about Slam Dice is that they are self-contained, compact and easily stored which makes them great for taking on car trips, camping and on holiday. We recently reviewed some other great games that are good for travelling and I can see these easily making the list if we do another one.

IMPORTANT: Cheatwell Games responded to our video to let us know we hadn’t experienced all the playability that Slam Dice had to offer! This is 100% due to the fact that I didn’t realise the instructions inside the box unfolded. The W*RDS dice can also be used to play the Shake ‘n’ Play word search game where players use the letters to think of larger words containing all three. The game of CHEAT is also a lot more involved, with players competing to have the highest scores whilst either telling the truth or bluffing.

Slam Dice are available from AmazonCheatwell Games also make the awesome Baffled and Polar Panic so if you want to see more of those, check out our reviews of those too!

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Disclosure: We were sent this toy free of charge in return for an unbiased review. No financial agreements were entered into and our opinions are 100% our own. This post contains affiliate links.

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