Review: Super Wubble Bubble Ball!

It’s been sunny for longer than two consecutive days now so it’s officially British “good weather” season! It’s a loosely defined period in between Easter and Halloween that means you can usually put your washing out to dry without it immediately being soaked through. You can also usually start filling up the paddling pool without the threat of the top third filling up with rain water whilst the kids cower under towels on a patio chair.

To celebrate the start of this rather clement season we were sent some awesome outside toys to play with. The first is the Super Wubble Bubble Ball (henceforth referred to, for brevity’s sake, as the Super Wubble. The Super Wubble is an inflatable bubble of huge proportions that can be used similarly to a ball or balloon. It’s hugely squashy and bouncy and can be flung around with wild abandon until dinner’s ready (it’s dinner, I’m from Sussex).

wubble wubble wubble

The ball itself is really cool and can be inflated to quite a size. I think even we, due to a slight fear of popping it, didn’t expand it to it’s full bouncy massiveness! It’s made of a crazy space-age material called Xpandium which, if the videos are to be believed, means an elephant can stomp on it without much bother.

The one gripe we did have was actually getting the ball inflated. The nozzle is not the traditional sort and is much more flexible and harder to get hold of (I’m assuming this helps keep the ball soft and bouncy all over) and was really difficult to get right into. We eventually got there but it required a fair amount of lubrication which, to be absolutely fair, is stated on the instructions as being likely.

Another thing we found was that the battery pump provided with the Super Wubble was rather weak and was not able to give enough ‘oomph’ to get the ball blown up. This wasn’t a huge obstacle as we had a number of other pumps available. We ended up using a hand/foot operated pump but I imagine a slightly stronger electric pump would be pretty good. Anything you’d usually safely use on a lilo is probably okay here.

With that in mind, Super Wubble is still a huge amount of fun. I plan to get it down the park for some larger scale messing about but we still had a cool time chucking it around in the garden. Be advised though, Xpandium seems to pick up dirt quicker than a toddler in a white jumpsuit. The material is somewhat tacky to the touch so it velcroes up dirt as it bounces around the landscape. This isn’t a huge issue as it’s easily cleaned off in the bathroom.

Our kids loved messing around with the Super Wubble Bubble Ball , even if we massively underestimated its stretchy size-achieving capabilities. It’s one of those simple things that you can chuck about outside and have a laugh with and it kept all the kids cackling for ages out in the sunshine. I’d definitely recommend it, even given the difficulties getting it blown up and it’s definitely worth throwing in the car if you go away camping as it compresses down ultra-small when not inflated.

Super Wubble Bubble ball is available from Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Super Wubble Bubble Ball!

  • 11th May 2018 at 5:59 AM

    Oh my word, my kids would absolutely love the Super Wubble. I may have to look into investing in one, especially with the summer holidays being not too far off. Oh, and quite agree, it is dinner.

  • 17th May 2018 at 1:18 PM

    This looks perfect for my kids who love bouncing / throwing and general mucking about! Will go and check it out – I switch between tea / dinner depending on how posh I am trying to be hahaha


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