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Here at DadGeek we’re massive fans of boardgames, card games and party games. Nothing makes us more happy than when we’re all round the table doing something fun together. So imagine how excited I was when I realised it’s almost International Tabletop Day! To celebrate, we’ve got a few new games to try out and we’re also going to be thinking about our most favourite games to play.

Sometimes we like to play simpler games as a family (we’re big fans of Orchard Games) and sometimes we like to wait until the kids go to bed so we can get out something a bit trickier. Our favourites at the moment are Ticket to Ride Europe and Catan but we don’t settle on one thing for very long. There are very few games that we can honestly say span easily across both of these, but then we discovered Think Words!

think words

Think Words is a simple game whereby you’re required to choose a category, then compete against the clock to think of items from that category beginning with each letter available on the Think Words dial. When you think of an item, you push down the corresponding letter and hit the button in the middle to pass to the next player. As play continues there are less and less letters available. If you’re not quick enough a buzzer sounds and you’re out for the round!

It’s a really simple, clever idea. The basic premise is accessible to most children, although they will need to be of reading age or at least have a fairly sturdy vocabulary and understanding of the alphabet. Even Claudia, who can’t yet, read came up with her favourite drink (“Fizzy!”) and hammered the F button.

It’s not just kids stuff though! The categories come in different colours that denote increasing difficulty so you might be trying to think of colours when playing with the children, but later on when they’re in bed you’ll be trying to remember fictional characters or people from history. There’s also nothing to stop you from inventing your own categories for an additional challenge!

One of the best things we found about Think Words is that it’s actually totally portable! There’s even a little enclosure underneath to store all the category cards! This might seem inconsequential to some but we go camping A LOT in the summer and having a game be self-contained like this makes it almost certain that we’ll be flinging this in to play while we’re out and about on our travels.

Think Words is available from Amazon.

Disclaimer: This review was produced in return for the product. No financial agreements were entered into. Our opinions remain our own. This post contains a few affiliate links.

3 thoughts on “Review: Think Words

  • 23rd April 2018 at 1:31 PM

    Oh crikey! Thats got drinking game written all over it haha One for the kids AND the grown ups. We’d have loads of fun with that one and I like how simple the concept is

    • 23rd April 2018 at 1:41 PM

      Yeah! I think some of the best games are the simple ones that you can get stuck into quickly.

  • 24th April 2018 at 8:05 PM

    This is such a good idea for a game, for both adults (with alcohol!!) and children. A really fun way to get interaction going x


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