Review: What’s That Smell?

Here at DadGeek we’re not averse to something a bit icky or gross, but it’s not often we have to deal with bad smells. Not since the kids got old enough to keep all the pooping in the appropriate room anyway. But we received a game recently that put our sniffing stamina to the test. So obviously we girded our nasal loins and had a game of What’s That Smell?

What’s That Smell is a game of competitive sniffery where you compete against your friends to identify a selection of odours. The whiffs come on ‘rub and sniff’ cards that are activated with a little friction into releasing a waft of whatever fruit, chemical or other stinky source is written on the card. Using only your olfactory senses you must deduce what you’re smelling and write it down. This continues across a number of rounds until all is revealed and you score your attempts based on right/wrong and if you could guess the general category of pong.

There are plenty of different smells to be had although many of them were quite tricky to identify. I’d make a terrible police dog as apparently I am unable to tell the difference between lemon and orange and thought about 3 of them smelled like a bonfire.

The game continues until all rounds are complete. The winner is the person to have scored the most points for correctly identifying smells, smell categories and recalling humorous scent-related anecdotes (I recalled several but was assured they were not funny). The lowest scorer has to have a good old lungful (three actually) of a seriously stinky card by way of punishment, with stinks ranging from old dirty nappies to overpowering B.O.

what's that smell what's that smell


We played a good few rounds, which is more than enough as your nose does start to get a bit overloaded after a while. Some of the smells were uncannily recognisable, others were somewhat synthetic but overall it works to keep it just tricky enough to guess all the different aromas.

I was impressed that the game comes with bags for the re-usable components to be stored in. This means that the smellable components can be re-used and the smells are less likely to deteriorate or mix together.

what's that smell

It’s a great party game for people who are looking for something a little bit different to the usual trivia games. The smells really do get a reaction and it keeps the game lively as you all query whether you thought something was lovely or disgusting. There is always one person who thinks a rank smell is lovely or, on the contrary, who thinks a lovely smell is disgusting!

Overall we had a great time and thought What’s That Smell? was a great addition to any family game night or grown-up get together. Just be prepared for those smells to linger in your nostrils for a while after!

What’s That Smell? is available from Amazon.

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6 thoughts on “Review: What’s That Smell?

  • 30th November 2018 at 11:32 AM

    we’ve got this game its hilarious and will making an appearance over Christmas I think.

    • 1st December 2018 at 9:37 AM

      Awesome! Hope you have as much stinky fun as we did!

  • 1st December 2018 at 8:31 AM

    I’d give that a go!

    • 1st December 2018 at 9:39 AM

      Definitely worth a sniff!

  • 1st December 2018 at 9:19 AM

    Hays that’s a crazy idea for a game. My little man has s great set of nostrils on him. He’s super Sensitive because of his Dyspraxia. That said he wouldn’t be able to give 3 big sniffs of B.O. for they very reason ????????

    • 1st December 2018 at 9:40 AM

      Some of them are a bit pungent. Only for brave noses!


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