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We love trying out new games. As the default ‘games master’ of the family, it often falls to me to rapidly figure out how to play the game so that we can all get stuck in. This often involves me speed-reading my way through a booklet that can range anything between a pamphlet or short novel in length. Thankfully this wasn’t the case with Grabolo. It’s a fiendishly simple game that can be explained and understood in a matter of a couple of minutes, leaving all the more time to get stuck in!

Grabolo is a colourful game of fast reflexes and a keen eye for detail. It comes with a jar filled with colourful plastic pieces and two dice. Players take turns to roll the dice. One dice has a colour, the other has an image that matches one of the many pieces. The combination of the two dice indicates what players need to ‘grab’ for i.e. blue dice + pig dice = grab the blue pig! It’s that simple!

Players continue grabbing the colourful pieces until someone reaches the magical number (dependent on number of players) and the game is over. The twist occurs when a piece shows on the dice but someone is already holding it. Players must then try to guess or remember who grabbed it. A correct guess will steal the piece from that player!

Grabolo is fiendishly simple but incredibly fun to play. We found ourselves playing round after round for quite a while without the kids getting bored. It can get VERY competitive and if some players are naturally quick, slower or younger players may start to feel a bit overwhelmed. It’s nothing that can’t be solved with a little bit of adjustment, we found it useful to put quicker grabbers a little further away from the pieces and slower ones much closer so they got a chance to grab.

The great thing about Grabolo is that as fun as it is to play it as a frantic party game, it strikes me that it may also have a lot of value as a teaching aid for younger children or those who may need a little more support with the basics. You could easily play this at a slower pace one-on-one with a child as a way to identify shape and colour combinations. Without the pressure of the competitive element I think this would be a great game for kids to build those skills in a fun way.


Once unpacked, the whole game comprising pieces and dice is handily packed inside a cylinder, which makes it hugely transportable and great for taking on holiday or short breaks where you may need to keep the kids entertained for a while in a hotel room or whilst camping. This is essential for us as we’ve often come across games which would be great to take away with us but we just couldn’t find a way to pack it into another box or bag to make it feasible.

Overall we were big fans of Grabolo and I think it would make a great addition to anyone’s Christmas list this year.

Grabolo is available from Amazon.

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