Wales Blog 2017 – Firemizer!

As seasoned campers, we’re always up for trying out new products that help take the stress out, lighten the load or maximise our existing resources. So when we were sent a Firemizer to try out on our trip to Wales, we jumped at the chance.

Firemizer is a neat little gizmo that can extend the burn time of any barbecue or firepit and reduce fuel usage by up to 38%. It does this by increasing air flow and keeping ash separate from the rest of the wood that is still burning.  As someone who quite frequently burns through piles and piles of firewood when camping I think this is a great idea. Ultimately it means you’re buying less wood and spending less time trying to ‘manage’ the fire and more time warming your feet and roasting marshmallows.

When we tried out Firemizer we were using a container provided by the site we were using. It wasn’t particularly well ventilated so getting a fire lit was tricky on previous attempts. When using Firemizer it was no easier to get the fire lit but once it got going it needed a lot less intervention to keep it roaring.

The Firemizer itself is a rough, metal fibre mesh made of tiny metal filaments. We found it simple to cut it to the shape of the container we were using with scissors, although it may be better to use something more suitable like wire-cutters. The packaging states that the mesh can be irritating to touch and recommends that gloves should be used when handling. We didn’t have any gloves but did make sure to limit contact with the mesh and suffered no ill effects. Importantly, the product should not be handled by children (most likely due to the potential irritant so we made sure the kids were well out of the way whilst working with it.

Overall I think Firemizer is a great product. It gave us a really decent campfire all evening and well into the night but I’d really recommend it for people who are heavy/regular users of a fire pit or barbecue as the main benefit is going to be those mid-to-long term fuel savings.

Thanks Firemizer!

Disclaimer: Firemizer provided us with product in return for review. No financial remuneration was expected or discussed. All views remain our own.

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