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As I’ve said in our Wubble review, the sun has come out just long enough for some people to consider dragging the patio furniture out of the shed, so of course it’s time to start taking a look at what cool outside toys are coming out to entertain us. This time we’re having a look at Smackerz.

Some of you old enough to remember things like The Two Ronnies and free school milk will recognise these straight away. They are a much bigger version of something called ‘clackers’ that kids used to use back in the day. The main difference here is that they’re that the balls are much bigger than they used to be and the balls are a lot bouncier and softer. The original clackers were somewhat dangerous due to the high speed movement of hard plastic balls. No such danger exists here and thanks to the big size Smackerz are all-round harmless fun.


We got our Smackerz and immediately went to work trying out some spinny stunts. The first thing you want to try and do is to get them to hit together at the top and bottom like in the promotional video (see below). This is WAY HARDER than you can imagine but trying to get it working is incredibly satisfying. The Smackerz are quite similar to yo-yos in that you can get a bit of tricky business going if you master the basics.

The Smackerz were a big hit with our kids too once they managed to pry the Smackerz out of my hands. Marshall was the most proficient at actually getting them to smack together. Morgan had a lot of enthusiasm but the co-ordination was a little bit too much for him. Claudia loved them and had a great time but mostly from swinging them around in crazy circles!

This was one of the toys that we found was really suitable for our tiny garden. Other toys are great but anything that goes up in the air has a chance to disappear into a neighbour’s garden so it’s nice to have toys that aren’t just for flinging! Do keep in mind that due to the need for a strong fore-arm, smaller children may get tired more quickly but then that does depend on the energy levels of your particular brood!


Smackerz come in three different colours, orange, blue and green. It’s a simple idea but then a lot of the toys that we find ourselves returning to the most often usually are! These will definitely be taking up space in the car next time we go camping or otherwise larking about outdoors.

Smackerz is available from Amazon

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